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Internet searches


Of course I’ve been doing  searches for a while but I’ve learned a few new tricks since doing these lessons.

I’ve found out about Google Maps where they list some local businesses. In fact the G God has just changed the system. They used to list 5 businesses to show up on their search results (get the jargon?) but now they’ve limited it to 5. No idea why but it’s probably something to do with profit.

And I’ve also discovered that there are lots more search engines than just Google. Who’d have thought? So I’ve been trying out Yahoo and Bing, which I think are the next 2 most popular, but I have to say that I find G better. I suppose it’s what you get used to.

I’ve also discovered that you can get more “search results” per page by going into settings, then search settings, and you can set it to show up to 100 results. I suppose that might be useful if you’re doing a lot of searches.

Then you can put in quotation marks “thus” to get more specific searches. For example if you want to search a specific phrase only those results will come up.

And I found out that the results you see on the search engine are really like photos or snapshots of pages. They “trawl” all the sites on the internet with little robots, bots I think they call them, and take these shots. Then when someone searches they show all these. So it’s not like they’re showing realtime results, because some may be days or even weeks old. I suppose that’s why sometimes you find the links to pages don’t work.

I’m sure I’ve learned a lot more but I’ve got brain freeze now.

Anyhow I shall be using some of my new-found knowledge soon because our friends Deidre and Paul are going to get married next year and I’ve been tasked with sourcing a nice car. It’s the second time around for them both so it won’t be a big white affair but they want something classy. I’ll report back on my findings next time.

Meanwhile my Facebook page is coming along, though I’m not sure I’ll continue with it because it just seems full of gossip and it’s getting a bit tiresome.



Well this is something entirely new to me. Mel has been on Facebook for quite a while and she passes on all the news from friends and family. So I really never considered getting a Facebook page of my own. In fact I had absolutely no idea what use it would be. Mel always passes over photos and videos if someone has put on something interesting.

But now I understand Facebook much better since our last internet lesson and I’ve set up my own page. Not going to link it here just yet as it isn’t complete and I want to do a proper job. Not that I’m keen on letting people in on any of my little secrets and I shall keep most stuff private, but it’s an interesting project.

It was simplicity itself to set up the account of course. There wouldn’t be millions of people on Facebook if it wasn’t simple. Now I’m choosing who I want to be friends with and it has been quite an eye-opener to see how many of my mates are already on FB (as I now call it!) Astonishing really, maybe I’m more behind the times than I though.

So far I have nearly 40 friends and it has been quite interesting to read some of their “posts”. Some have family and grandchildren linked, it’s really a whole new world. I’ve also found one old chum I haven’t been in touch with for donkeys’ years so maybe we can rekindle our friendship via this new technology.

Of course the kids are all on FB and they think it’s hilarious that their old dinasaur dad has finally embraced the devil. Ha I think it’s a way to find out what’s going on in their lives, though I’m suspicious that I’ve been limited from finding out exactly what they’re up to!

Dinner time soon but before we eat I just want to check FB to see what’s been going on today…..

How to limit emails


I’m really new to emails and my new email address was getting lots of junk mail. It’s like the postman arriving every half hour isn’t it?

So the next step in our internet journey was to find out how to stop getting so much stuff. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was useful stuff being delivered but who on earth wants all these “enhancement” gadgets or a windfall from a con-artist in Nigeria?

I’ve heard about all these cons from friends but didn’t appreciate how intrusive they are until they started arriving in my very own inbox. And I hear that some have nasty viruses attached, so that makes me a little worried.

I’ve checked with my friend Tony, who is very savvy about all these things, and he has upgraded our internet security. We now use AVG which apparently is very good and will stop those nasty viruses doing us any harm.

So that’s the security bit but what about all those spam emails? He helped me with those too and we enabled some spam filters that were already on the computer but I knew nothing about.

Then he helped me set up some folders so important stuff goes straight into its own folder and I can keep stuff together. It’s a bit like filing papers in a filing cabinet. So insurance stuff goes into an insurance folder and flight stuff goes into a holiday folder and so on. It makes everything nice and neat.

Then we went through all the emails and unsubscribed from some mailing lists. In a fit of enthusiasm I subscribed for lots of stuff that looked interesting at the time. Apparently most of those lists get you sold on to other companies and before you know it you get thousands of emails every week. So I’ve unsubscribed from all the genuine ones and marked some as spam so they go straight into my spam folder.

There are always going to be a few that get through unfortunately but hopefully they’ll be more manageable.

So that was yesterday’s lesson. Look after your email account. Learning a lot here.

Must go because Baggo has to be wormed.