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A new year and spring cleaning


Oh dear, doesn’t time fly?  We’ve been in Horsham for over a year and it doesn’t seem possible.

So to celebrate we’ve been doing some spring cleaning before I settle down again to learning more about the strange world of the internet.

We had a Horsham carpet cleaning company around to do a professional job on all our carpets and rugs. They also tackled the sofas and chairs and whilst here we had them clean our mattresses!

Then we set about washing down all the walls and turning out the cupboards. I’m not sure we did it all in the most efficient order, but it is all finished and we’re looking spic and span.

It was an essential clean after all the work we’ve had down over our first year. Apart from tackling some dodgy wiring, we had two rooms knocked into one, boarded over the loft and refurbished the kitchen. As you can imagine, that all left quite a mess so it was about time to sort it all out so we have a lovely place to live.

With spring cleaning out of the way, it’s time for me to get back to work and revise all those things I learned before we moved. It’s a bit frustrating because I’ve forgotten more than I imagined possible, but I’ve been going back over this blog and reading through books to refresh my memory. I must say it was a good idea to make a record here because otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered what I had to revise!

They have a short course every Thursday at the local library and I’ve signed up to learn more about the Microsoft suite of products. I think that’s Word, Excel and Powerpoint principally. These are all tools dI’ve learned to use, but I’ve just worked out what I need to know. I have a feeling there are many things these programs do that I don’t even know exist!  It’ll be an interesting venture and I dare say the tutor will be helpful if I get stuck on anything else.

The course starts next week with an introduction to Microsoft Word. I shall report back and record what I’ve learned so I can look back and revise as necessary in future.

When I’ve done the Microsoft course and become proficient at it all, I shall move on to website building. I’m quite proud of my ability to produce this basic blog, but I’ve set my sights on building a much more ambitious website. If I can master the art of website design, I may offer my services to local businesses at a reasonable rate. There are some pretty awful looking websites around and I’m sure I can do a better job than the average amateur. I may even be able to earn a few pennies in my spare time!

Meanwhile I have 3 more doors to wash down and the hall cupboard to turn out before the spring cleaning is finished. I feel these need finishing before I can give full concentration to my computer studies.

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