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I’ve been looking at affiliate marketing. It’s quite a big subject and one that’s going to take quite a bit of studying.

So far I’ve found out about Clickbank.com where you can become an affiliate for all manner of products. It’s taking a while to get my head around it.

The other possibility is Amazon of course, where again you can promote thousands of things and earn a little commission on each sale.

The challenge is to find the right products – something that sells well but pays a decent commission, otherwise you do a lot of work for nothing.

The next challenge is to drive people to your affiliate link and that’s the part that worries me the most. I’m learning more and more but still trying to get my head around exactly how I can get myself to the top of the search engines. Google is the biggie of course so if you’re not on the top of page 1 there’s really no hope of getting click throughs (see I’m learning the jargon).

I have a friend who wants to do a joint venture so it’s the blind leading the blind I think. We’re working on building a Weebly website, which is pretty straightford, then comes the difficult bit – ranking it on Google. I’ve done a brief course and learned a bit of stuff about SEO (now I’m really getting into the vernacular!)

It’s partly a question of getting the right keywords into the site and producing something that adds value to the internet (or so we learned). Then you need backlinks – which is where I retreat into the cupboard. I have a mental blank about such things. Who provides these and why? Are they expensive?

I understand you can sometimes get the local paper to publish an article and a link to your site, or perhaps the local council, but beyond that I’m lost.

Anyway we have to find out more about all this stuff so maybe we should look for a really good course that teaches a bit more depth. I’m gaining confidence by keeping this blog, though I secretly hope that no-one ever finds and reads it because it’s really just for my own amusement.  When we get serious perhaps I’ll turn it into a real instructional blog, or perhaps use it as an affiliate site?


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