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The learning begins here


So our first project is to get a website up and running. I’ve tried to do this before but never met with much success. I tried setting up a WordPress Blog but couldn’t figure out anything much and just kept going round and round in circles.

But now Mel and I have been doing an internet course that teaches exactly how to set up a website and get it out there on the internet.  I must say it seems pretty comprehensive although it took me a few attempts to get this up and running.

It all seems so easy when they show it on videos doesn’t it? Nothing out of the ordinary happens and they click here and there at a tremendous rate, producing fantastic results in the bat of an eye. But I suppose Mel and I are not in the first flush of youth so these things take a while to learn. To be honest I’ve only just learned how to send emails, so this is a big step for me.

Mel is a bit more up to speed with computer stuff, although hardly a geek, so she’s taken the lead and we’ve got through it together.

So here we are on our learning journey, getting our first real blog up and running. Trouble is I can’t really think of anything very interesting to write, though I suppose that will come as I get used to the process and let intuition take over.

So back to the course. First we learned about domains and hosting and luckily we already had this domain name from our previous venture (which was entirely run by our daughter Megan with a little help from Mel). I didn’t get involved in any of the technicalities. My job was to select the electronics that we sold – not very successfully I might add!

So we used that old domain name and learned how to get hosting sorted out and linked the two together (that was a challenge in itself).

Then we had to install WordPress. I was expecting that to be really complicated but actually it was relatively simple, although to be fair I watched the video half a dozen times before attempting it, then stepped through stopping and starting the video so I didn’t miss anything.

So success! Here we are up and running and ready to learn a bit more about this internet thingy and some of the (easier) technicalities that go along with it. Our learning journey will be documented here as we discover things we didn’t even know existed. It’s a bit of a foreign world this World Wide Web.


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