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Well this is something entirely new to me. Mel has been on Facebook for quite a while and she passes on all the news from friends and family. So I really never considered getting a Facebook page of my own. In fact I had absolutely no idea what use it would be. Mel always passes over photos and videos if someone has put on something interesting.

But now I understand Facebook much better since our last internet lesson and I’ve set up my own page. Not going to link it here just yet as it isn’t complete and I want to do a proper job. Not that I’m keen on letting people in on any of my little secrets and I shall keep most stuff private, but it’s an interesting project.

It was simplicity itself to set up the account of course. There wouldn’t be millions of people on Facebook if it wasn’t simple. Now I’m choosing who I want to be friends with and it has been quite an eye-opener to see how many of my mates are already on FB (as I now call it!) Astonishing really, maybe I’m more behind the times than I though.

So far I have nearly 40 friends and it has been quite interesting to read some of their “posts”. Some have family and grandchildren linked, it’s really a whole new world. I’ve also found one old chum I haven’t been in touch with for donkeys’ years so maybe we can rekindle our friendship via this new technology.

Of course the kids are all on FB and they think it’s hilarious that their old dinasaur dad has finally embraced the devil. Ha I think it’s a way to find out what’s going on in their lives, though I’m suspicious that I’ve been limited from finding out exactly what they’re up to!

Dinner time soon but before we eat I just want to check FB to see what’s been going on today…..

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