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Horsham here we come


Jasmines definitely needs rewiring and we’ve found a great company to take care of it. They’re called Best Horsham Electrician and in my opinion they live up to their name.

I’ve done quite a bit of research and spoken to lots of electricians and I’m quite impressed with these guys.  It’s a big job so we need someone who’s going to be good.

Of course we haven’t completed yet, though we have exchanged contracts. It all happened so quickly once we’d made up our minds.  And hopefully we’ve found a buyer for our current home, which should fit in nicely.

We’ve had some more surveys done, and as well as the rewiring we also need part of the roof fixed, which is the other really big job. So we’re planning to have workers in a month or so before we move in, which will enable us to keep out of the way.

It’s all really exciting now that we know it’s going ahead and we’re looking forward to moving to Horsham. We’ve also had a good look around the town and we love the small shops and Swan Walk indoor shopping centre.

We’re planning to make good use of the Capitol Theatre and some of the local drinking establishments too!

I’m writing this whilst drinking my mid-morning coffee, but that break is over so back to the grindstone …

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