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How to limit emails


I’m really new to emails and my new email address was getting lots of junk mail. It’s like the postman arriving every half hour isn’t it?

So the next step in our internet journey was to find out how to stop getting so much stuff. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was useful stuff being delivered but who on earth wants all these “enhancement” gadgets or a windfall from a con-artist in Nigeria?

I’ve heard about all these cons from friends but didn’t appreciate how intrusive they are until they started arriving in my very own inbox. And I hear that some have nasty viruses attached, so that makes me a little worried.

I’ve checked with my friend Tony, who is very savvy about all these things, and he has upgraded our internet security. We now use AVG which apparently is very good and will stop those nasty viruses doing us any harm.

So that’s the security bit but what about all those spam emails? He helped me with those too and we enabled some spam filters that were already on the computer but I knew nothing about.

Then he helped me set up some folders so important stuff goes straight into its own folder and I can keep stuff together. It’s a bit like filing papers in a filing cabinet. So insurance stuff goes into an insurance folder and flight stuff goes into a holiday folder and so on. It makes everything nice and neat.

Then we went through all the emails and unsubscribed from some mailing lists. In a fit of enthusiasm I subscribed for lots of stuff that looked interesting at the time. Apparently most of those lists get you sold on to other companies and before you know it you get thousands of emails every week. So I’ve unsubscribed from all the genuine ones and marked some as spam so they go straight into my spam folder.

There are always going to be a few that get through unfortunately but hopefully they’ll be more manageable.

So that was yesterday’s lesson. Look after your email account. Learning a lot here.

Must go because Baggo has to be wormed.

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