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Landscaping the Garden


Oh dear, despite my best intentions, most of my time has been spent on block paving and garden landscaping so once again my time has been diverted away from learning new stuff.

But it’s been very rewarding and the garden now looks spectacular. We have created an oasis out of what was just a rectangular patch of grass with a couple of shrubs.  Pictures will follow as soon as we get around to taking some nice snaps – at the moment I’m banned from taking any until the rest of the roses come out to ensure the perfect pictures.

The company we used for building were great. Horsham Decks and Patios did everything we asked, from the boundary walls to a beautiful block paving patio with feature arbour with tumbling roses. We were torn between decking and patio but pleased with our choice and it’s practical too.

There’s nothing better than spending a summer evening sipping wine and nibbling cheese biscuits as the sun goes down. Of course we could do that on the old square of grass, but it just wasn’t the same. Now we have a lovely space where we can entertain friends and have the occasional barbecue to make the most of the summer. We’ve even acquired a new gas barbecue and I have to say it makes things so much easier than struggling to light the old Webber when the charcoal refused to catch. All that’s behind us now and we’ve moved into the age of technology.

The wife has done some lovely planting, mixing pale pinks with deeper shades along with purples and white. That’s it really, keeping it simple but stunning. She loves hanging baskets so we’ve been able to have quite a few scattered around, hanging from the wall, behind the house and around the arbour. The only downside is keeping them watered, which has become a nightly chore. But it’s worth it to observe the beauty and I’m sure they’ll last until September so give us pretty good value.

I’m not much of a gardener myself so I don’t remember the names of most plants, but I do know we have some spectacular roses and some jasmine around the pillars, a couple of clematis and lots of little mauve flowers that spread and look so pretty. Sprinkled amongst them are lots of white blooms – heavens knows what they are but they break up the mauve and look marvellous.

Oh and double petunias – the hanging variety – are a favourite of the wife. She seeks them out every year so I never forget them. She goes for varieties that don’t need deadheading all the time, which makes life much easier.

So that’s a very poor summary of what we’ve been doing in the garden. At the end we have an attractive shed that we painted a pale shade of green and more baskets hang around it, creating a pleasing picture and completing the English country garden look we were aiming for.


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