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We’re Mel and Dan – hi!

We used to run an online shop, as the domain name implies, but we got out of that a while back. It really didn’t work for us. Too much competition from the likes of Amazon so we called it a day before we lost too much money.

Now I work for an engineering company and Mel works part-time as a secretary at a lawyer’s office. We’re happy in our lives but I like to learn new things so thought I’d have a go at running a website – or blog as I think it’s technically known. If this works out I may set up something for our community.

We have 3 children, 2 dogs and a cat called Baggo and live on the East coast of England in a rambling house with a large and “natural” garden.  All the kids still live at home, although the oldest is now 27, but that’s the way these days isn’t it? None of them can afford to buy their own place and we certainly don’t have the funds to give them all a deposit. Perhaps it would be easier financially if we only had one child, but with 3 it’s impossible to help them all.

In a fit of generosity we did offer to fund a deposit if they all got together to buy a house jointly. To be honest that went down like a lead balloon. So back to the drawing board and it looks like they’ll all be here for the foreseeable future.

Not that we don’t enjoy having the kids around, but sometimes you long for a little bit of peace. Perhaps we’ll downsize when we retire – or maybe I’ll find a way to monetise this blog and make us a fortune!

Forgive my tendency to wander off subject. I do the same when speaking – everyone says I ramble on but I like to think I have an active brain that takes me down numerous lanes and allies, making life all the more interesting.

Mel’s a bit more practical than me, and certainly knows a lot more about computers and the internet, so she’ll be holding my hand as we venture forth together into this brave new world!


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