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We’re Moving!


It’s a big decision but we’ve decided to move to Horsham. It’s a lovely town in Sussex, surrounded by beautiful countryside and a lot of oak trees.

So we’ve found a house just outside the town, but it needs a bit of work. So I’m guessing my time will be spent that way instead of learning more online stuff.

I’ve had an idea and I’m going to try to document all the things that happen from now with our new home. All the ins and outs of the restoration and the work that needs doing.

So far I know that the electrics need doing, we’ll need a good plasterer and a bit of general building work to tidy up the place.

And the garden is a shambles, but it will be gorgeous once we’ve got our hands dirty and removed all the weeds and brambles. It was obviously once well cared for.

But I haven’t given up on the online learning and I’ll definitely be coming back to that in due course. It’s just that this new house – “Jasmines” is going to be taking up most of my time. Not sure whether that’s good or bad!

So watch out for more about our life in Sussex…

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